About Bts

BTS was formed in 2013 by a company named Big Hit.Each kpop group is made from a company. Some famous companys are JYP, SM,BIG HIT.
The members in the groups each have a stage name BTS members stage names are....
Kim Namjoon=RM
Kim Sukjin=Jin
Min Yougi=Suga
Jun Hoesuk=J-Hope
Park Jimin=Jimin
Kim Taeyong=V
Jung Jongkook=JK

BTS have a sign fair for the fans to get signed by them on there album

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BTS has a cheer and a lot of albums and a lot of awards including the american music awards. They have a logo.

BTS logo

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Facts about BTS

-BTS got 54 awards in total

- The BTS leader's stage name is RM

-The groups debuted in 2013

-The first album is the Dark and Wild

Bts members profile