What is kpop???

kpop is korean hiphop. There is Jpop,Cpop, and hip hop, jpop is japan hip hop and cpop is china hiphop.There is groups with 2-20 people in each goup the most popular kpop group in the world is BTS.It stands for Bangtan Sonyeondan it means bullet proof boys. Each kpop group created there fans name. Like Bts
fans name are A.R.M.Y. Each group also has a glow stick and some groups even created a cheer. Kpop groups create music come up on T.V they also have a
kpop olyimpic day were some of the groups v.s other groups with there athletic skills.The members in a group are called a kpop idol.

This is a BTS glowstick

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This is the BTS cheer

The BTS cheer is basicly all the members names starting from the leader then the oldest to yougest

Kim Namjoon
Kim Suckjin
Min Yougi
Jun Hoesuk
Park jimin
Kim taeyoung
Jung Jongkook


Now about the fans

There is diffrent kinds of fans. Some fans are so into them that they donate blood to there fvorite member on his or her birthday.
They also go places that his or her birthday is celebrated. They buy cakes and celebrate and post it online everywhere.If you go in there
room they have everything that has to do with there fan like the bed pencil desk shelf and they have millions of posters and photo cards.
They also have mostly all there albums. They use a lot of there money on there fans. Some fans just like there music and dont really care they
still know there names and music. Some fans are just in the middle.

This is a BTS fan room

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